San Sebastian Apartments

San Sebastian has a good hotel infrastructure. If you want to stay somewhere where they serve you breakfast, make your bed and other such luxuries, a hotel is the best choice.

However, if you’re travelling with family and looking for a cheaper way of spending a few days in San Sebastian, an apartment is a better option.

There are many good quality apartments in San Sebastian. It’s important to choose one which is centrally located, comfortable, and, above all, clean and well kept.

These days, it’s reasonably easy to find a good apartment, thanks to the large number of websites dedicated to the topic, which allow you to see photos of available apartments, user reviews and their locations on a map.

San Sebastian Apartment
San Sebastian Apartments

Which area to choose?

If you’re looking for a base for visiting the city, the best idea is to choose an apartment in the city centre, in the area surrounding the Catedral del Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Cathedral) or Boulevard. From here, you’ll be able to reach the main tourist attractions on foot.

If, however, you want to surf and enjoy the beach, the best area to look for accommodation is Gros, near Zurriola Beach. There are many apartments to rent in this area, and they’re usually somewhat cheaper than in the city centre, although it’s a mere five minute walk away. From here, you can also reach almost all of the city’s interesting sights easily.

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more peaceful, though still convenient, the El Antiguo neighbourhood, around Ondaretta Beach may be a good choice. Despite being a little further from the centre, it’s an easy 20 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride, and the beach is on your doorstep. The area is pleasant and welcoming, with plenty of shops and bars.

Advantages of renting an apartment

• Cheaper for longer stays
• The whole family can stay together
• Use of a kitchen so you can cook whatever you want • More flexible timetables

Disadvantages of apartments

• You have to plan meals and cook
• You have to make your own beds
• You don’t have the same services as in a hotel