San Sebastian Apartments

One of the most demanded options for all those who visit San Sebastian for several days, and especially if you are a family, is to rent an apartment. There are many apartments in San Sebastian to choose from. First of all you will have to take into account their location, size and price depending on your needs.

Renting an apartment in Donosti has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, if you go with your family or a group of friends, a holiday apartment can always be cheaper than a hotel, as this second option forces you to book several rooms. In a house, on the other hand, all of you can come in and look for the one that best suits the number of people you are. On the contrary, the apartment will always oblige you to cook at home or eat out of it, while in the hotel you have the option to choose that you are given everything done.

Recommended holiday apartments:

Although San Sebastian is not very big, it is very important to choose the right place or area where you will stay. Staying in the heart of the city or in the old town is not the same as sleeping in the Amara neighbourhood, for example, which despite being relatively close to everything, you will always be farther away.

Jauregui Apartment, the best situation at the best price

Best San Sebastian apartment to stayApartment Jauregui San SebastianWe currently recommend the apartment Jauregui, an ideal place to spend your holidays in San Sebastian. Its location in the heart of the city, specifically in the old town but in a very quiet street, make it perfect for discovering all the corners of Donosti by walking to any of them. Close to everything there is to see and the main area of bars and pintxos in the city, is the perfect place to stay a few days.

It has 2 double bedrooms, living room, bathroom and fully equipped kitchen.

You can see prices and availability here.

Decor Apartment, in gros

Apartment in San Sebastian GrosIf you are looking for an apartment in the gros district, near Zurriola beach, this is one of the best options. It is located next to the convention center Kursaal and the trendy beach of the city, where there are a large number of surfers. Just below the house there are a large number of very typical and quality pintxos bars.

It has 2 double bedrooms, living room, 2 bathrooms and fully equipped kitchen.

You can see prices and availability here.


These are our two favorite apartments in relation to their location and quality of facilities.

Depending on your priorities when it comes to visiting the city, it will be more convenient for you to stay in one area or another. If you are interested in walking around the city and visiting its main corners, the most recommendable thing is undoubtedly a flat in the centre, between the good shepherd’s area and the Old Town. Here you will be in the heart of the city and you will be able to move easily to any place you want to go. In most cases you will be able to walk to the place you propose.

The old part of the city is a very good place to stay during your holidays. You’ll be well located and have plenty of bars and restaurants on hand for lunch, dinner or a snack without having to travel far from home. What we do recommend is that the apartment is not in the walking area of this part of the city, but rather towards the part by the river (like Jauregi Apartmento we recommended to you). In that place there are enough apartments to accommodate you that on the one hand will allow you to be in the heart of the city but in turn you will be in a quiet area, without noise or people walking to bother you. The most recommended would be an apartment on Salamanca Street (overlooking the river and Kursaal) or any of its perpendiculars such as General Etxague, Euskal Herria or General Jáuregui Street. Streets such as Fermín Calvetón or 31 de Agosto are best avoided as there is a lot of noise on weekends. They are streets where there are a large number of typical bars for drinks and both Fridays and Saturdays is full of people until the early hours of the morning.

If you are looking for a surfing apartment, the best place to stay will be next to Zurriola beach (like Decor apartment), where the best waves in the city are and where you will find the best surfing atmosphere. Next to the beach, in first line or in any of its nearby streets you will also find quite a variety of flats to choose from.

Finally, a very nice area to stay during your stay in San Sebastian is in the Old Town, one of the most traditional and charismatic. This neighbourhood is next to Ondarreta beach, next to Miramar Palace and Monte Igueldo. From here you can walk to the city centre by walking along the bay of La Concha (about 20 min. walk) or take any of the buses that pass frequently and that take you to the old part in a moment.

San Sebastian is a very comfortable city to walk to almost everywhere. If you choose your stay you will barely have to take a bus or public transport at all. Many of the tourist attractions are located in the city centre, next to the old town, so if your apartment is located in that area everything will be much easier for you.

Accommodation in San Sebastian during the summer

The city itself is very small and the demand for apartments in the centre of San Sebastian during the summer exceeds the supply. This causes prices to skyrocket, especially if you don’t book in advance.

If you are planning to visit Donosti in the summer or on specific dates, we recommend that you look for and book your accommodation as soon as possible. Whether it’s a hotel, a hostel or an apartment, make your reservation well in advance to ensure not only a good price but also a good place to sleep, otherwise you’ll probably have to reserve a flat on the outskirts or something far from the main places to see in the city.