Casa Urola Restaurant

Emblematic restaurant of the old part of town with more than 50 years of haute cuisine behind, today with Pablo Loureiro Rodil in the kitchen.
Casa Urola

Casa Urola is one of the most emblematic restaurants in San Sebastian. What started out as a brothel in 1948 became a drinking bar where groups of people would meet every day to have a drink.

With the passage of time, in 1986, the chef Patxi Aizpuru took over the place and turned it into one of the most famous and prestigious restaurants in the old part of San Sebastian.

In 2011, Patxi left Urola Restaurant to focus on El Urbano, another restaurant to which he has dedicated the rest of his years.

Casa Urola today

Today, and since 2012, the Urola is run by the chef Pablo Loureiro Rodil, who began his career in the kitchen in the famous Donostiarra restaurant “Rodil” of his family.

After passing through the Branka restaurant, in 2012 he decided to open his own restaurant with his wife Begoña Arenas, taking the Urola to what it is today, where highlights its menu where many of its main dishes are made with charcoal grill.

On the first floor of “Casa Urola” is the bar, where you can taste traditional and haute cuisine pintxos made at the time and that certainly will not leave you indifferent.

Although there are also some tables downstairs, the main dining room is located on the second floor of the house. The dining room is striking because it is like eating in a living room. Nowadays it would be unthinkable to get a license to have a restaurant on the floor of a house.

The dining room, which only has 14 tables, is very pleasant and cozy, as is the service, which is very attentive and friendly.

How much does it cost to eat at Casa Urola restaurant?

In my opinion, the Urola is not a cheap restaurant, although it is true that it is not exaggeratedly expensive for the quality and menu it offers. As always, the price will depend on what you order and, of course, what you drink.

The menu always includes seasonal dishes that are usually around 18-22€.

The main courses will be what will raise the price, especially if you opt for a fish grilled on their famous charcoal grill, such as sole, turbot or sea bream.

Urola invoice

Adress Fermina Calvetón 20, 20.003 Donostia.
Phone: 943 44 13 71

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