Basilica of Santa Maria

Santa Maria Church
Santa Maria Church

Santa Maria del Coro Church in San Sebastian is one of the most emblematic churches in the city. This church is held in high regard by both believers and atheists since it is considered to be part of the history of Donosti.

History of Santa María del Coro

Santa Maria Church
Santa Maria Church

The start of the construction works –resulting in its current appearance- dates back to 1743. But Santa Maria church was already there before that time, and it was attached to the city fortification walls. The design is attributed to Pedro Ignacio de Lizardi, although he was in turn influenced by Miguel de Salezán and Domingo de Yarza. On the 27th of April of the above-mentioned year, the foundation stone of the building was laid, so the commemoration of this day became one of the most popular events in the city and a holiday for all San Sebastian inhabitants. The works lasted 21 years until, in 1764, construction was finished.

Santa Maria Church was built on the angle that Mayor Street and Trinidad Street create. These two streets, as one would have expected, were decorated for the occasion on the inauguration day. Nowadays, it calls one’s attention that, from the door of the church, you can look straight forward and see the door of the Buen Pastor Cathedral on the other end all the way across the city, since they are located in front of each other without any other constructions in the middle.

Along with San Vicente Church, Santa Maria is the most important Church in the Old Town and one of the most symbolic churches in San Sebastian.

When visiting San Sebastian, you cannot miss out on Santa Maria Church. The building is well worth seeing, plus its interiors make them one of the most beautiful churches that can be admired in our time.

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