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MuseosWhat to see

1. Old town (Parte Vieja)
2. Constitution Square
3. Mount Urgull
4. New Promenade (Paseo Nuevo)
5. Miramar Palace
6. Mount Igueldo
7. Peine del Viento
8. Buen Pastor Cathedral
9. San Vicente Church
10. Basilica Santa María
1. Museo de San Telmo
2. Museo Naval
3. Aquarium
4. Museo de la ciencia
1. Playa de la Concha
2. Playa de la Zurriola
3. Playa de Ondarreta


Use our San Sebastian map to know where is each site and where you have to go.

You can also download and print our touristic map (click to download it)

San Sebastian map
San Sebastian map
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