The New Promenade

New Promenade
New Promenade

The San Sebastian New Promenade (or Paseo Nuevo) is a wonderful promenade which surrounds Urgull mount in its entirety. With the Aquarium as starting point, it goes all around the Urgull to end at the Old Town, beside the Kursaal. It is one of the most beautiful and quiet avenues in the city, since, as you walk along, you are strolling by La Concha bay and the Cantabrian sea the whole time.

New Promenade
New Promenade

You can easily cover the distance of the entire promenade on foot in 40 minutes, providing you start walking at the port and go all around until you get to the Kursaal. Vehicles may also run through the promenade, although it is a very quiet zone and you can stroll without any risk for your children, because passing cars are actually rare. It is a good area to find where to park your car if you want to visit San Sebastian city centre.

Big Waves in the promenade

The New Promenade has become famous thanks to the images broadcasted on television and the thousands of photographs published on the internet depicting astonishing seawaves hitting the promenade when the tide roughens: it creates a fabulous sight, though it is also somewhat dangerous if safety measures are not taken. Peine del Viento is another one of the places where this seawaves-show frequently takes place.

In the New Promenade, we find a famous sculpture by Jorge Oteiza. Next to it, there is an open air parking where we can leave our car to stroll along the promenade, the port or the Old Town. This is an hourly pay parking but, unlike the streets of San Sebastian, is a long stay one and cars may be parked for long periods of time.

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