Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport
Bilbao Airport

Bilbao airport is 98 kilometres away from San Sebastian downtown.

Many people in San Sebastian uses this airport as the main because it has more flights (international flights go to Bilbao, no to San Sebastian) and is cheaper than hondarribia airport (the nearest).


Te best way to go from Bilbao Airpor to San Sebastian is to book a shuttle in myDrive (Easy and comfortable)


How to get to San Sebastian from Bilbao airport

Bus Bus

The easiest and cheapest way to get to Donostia from Bilbao Airport (Loiu) is by bus. There is a direct bus service departing from the airport which will take you to the downtown area in just 75 minutes. (To north train and bus station)

The bus stop is right outside the airport on your right, and the name of the bus company is PESA.

Departures: There is one departure per hour from 07:45 to 23:45.

The bus making the route San Sebastian-Bilbao airport departs on the hour from 05:00 to 21:00.

Price: Single tickets cost 17,10 euros.

More info: Visit this link

Taxi Shuttle or Taxi

You can take a taxi near the exit door. May be you have to wait.

Also you can book a shuttle here. This is the best option if you don´t want to wait.

Shuttle Price: About 180€ (4 persons)

Also, you can hire a car if you are goint to use it during your holidays.


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  1. Hi This site says last bus from Bilbao to San Sebastian is 23:45. This is different on PESA website. Can you please confirm?

      1. Dear Sir,

        I checked the PESA site and the last bus will depart at 22 from Bilbao to SS. Can you please help to tell me if there will be a bus after 22 as my flight will reach there at 22:55?

        Looking forward to hear from you,

        1. The last bus is at 23:45. You have to select “Aeropuerto Loiu” (this is Bilbao airport), no Bilba (city center).

          1. Thank you for your replying, I check PESA site and I still didn’t find any bus will depart at 23:45 from Bilbao, here is it:
            Is it correct or that pdf file is correct please?

            Moreover, when the first bus from SS will depart to Bilbao please? Because in PESA site, it shows it will depart at 8:30am but in that pdf file it shows earlier!

            I am confused, can you help me please?

    1. Xabier,

      Is it better to buy the tickets online before the journey or is it possible to buy the ticket when we arrive at the airport? Would appreciate your advise.

      Ramon O

      1. You can buy them in the airport.

        1. Where in the airport would one buy a ticket?

  2. Meta Young says:

    Hi, we are arriving to Bilbao AirPort on sunday at 22.40. Can se be sure to catch a bus this late even if its Sunday?

    1. The last one is at 23:45, so yes.

  3. Anish Chandrasekar says:

    How much would a taxi from san sebastian to Bilbao airport cost? I have an early flight at 6.45 and therefore wouldn’t be able to get a bus or train.

  4. Hi. We are arriving at Bilbao on Saturday, and travelling onwards to San Sebastián. Our friends said that the bus leaves the airport every quarter to the hour, but if I am reading the website correctly there are some at quarter past also. Is this correct?

    I wish check the number of the bus please? Also the fare of 16,85 euros is this for both children and adult?


    1. Dear,

      I think in August there are buses every 30 minutes.

  5. where can we buy tickets for the bus to san Sebastian and if from a machine is their English instructions as my Spanish is poor….

    1. You can buy tickets to bus driver.

  6. We will be arriving at Bilbao too late to get the bus, please can you send a link to the best company to book a taxi through? Thank you.

    1. You have a lot of taxis there.

  7. Alan Emery says:

    The Pesa website lists only departures on the hour from Bilbao. It does not list any departures from the Biilbao airport. This is puzzling.

    And, if Pesa buses do go from the airport to Donostia, what is the address of the bus station there?

    1. The Pesa bus station from the Bilbao airport to San Sebastian is near the airport exit. The bus takes every one hour or half hour in summer.

  8. can we get a bus from San Sebastian to Bilbao airport on Monday 18th April in time to check in at 10.00am? The Pesa website only offers Bilbao bus depot NOT airport on its drop down list?

    1. sorry I meant check in at 08.00 i.e. 8am.thanks Pam

      1. PS Is it possible that the buses to Bilbao bus depot stop first at the airport??

  9. SORTED – the airport for Bilbao is LOIU on the drop down list!! Am I right?

    1. Yes, Loiu is the Bilbao Airport.

  10. Where is the bus stop in San Sebastian? Is there an address?

    1. It´s in the train station, in Paseo de Francia.

  11. Hi, we are probably gong to San Sebastian earlier in september, do you know if the bus route will be the same? We arrive at Bilbao AirPort 22.40

  12. Do you Know If the pesa bus get a spécial chair for Child 2 years old? I have to take the bus on saturday 16 0f july And i hope they not gonna refuse us If we dont have a chair …

  13. 1. Are there plenty of seats on the buses from Bilbao Airport to San Sebastian or do you need to make a reservation online? I am travelling in late July.
    2. The fare is 17.10 euros, is there a different fare for children?
    3. Do you offer a return ticket is it cheaper?

  14. Emmanuel Dsilva says:

    Hi I plan to take the 18:45 bus from Bilbao airport to San Sebastian on April 24. Can I buy the ticket from the driver paying cash? Will he have change for 20 euros? The fare is 17 euros.

    1. Yes, you can buy from the driver with 20€, no problem.

  15. I am arriving 1 June at the Bilbao airport at 8PM. I understand I can take a PESA bus from the airport to San Sebastian. I purchase the ticket from the bus driver.

    Where does the bus stop in San Sebastian?

    1. Just in the airport exit door

  16. Hi! I will arrive in Bilbao airport at 16.30 on Thursday the 1st of June. On the Pesa timetable the bus leaves Bilbao at 17.00. Is that from the airport? I see you say the bus stop is close to the airport. Is that walking distance? How do I get from the airport to the bus stop? And how much will that be if I need to get a taxi? Thank you for your help!

    1. You have to check the airport buses. The Stop is just in the airport, in the exit door.

  17. Deborah Johnson says:

    We will need to go from San Sebastian to the Bilbao airport for a 12:00PM flight. Is there bus service from the San Sebastian city center or bus terminal to the Bilboa airport?
    Thank you.

    1. The last bus is at 21:00 from San Sebastian bus station (center) to Bilbao Airport.

  18. Anne Hope says:

    I plan to take a bus from Bilbao Aiport to San Sebastian on Sunday.

    Is it possible to buy the ticket from the bus driver???

    1. You have a ticket machine near the bus stop.

  19. Hi, How can I get to Bilbao airport in time for a 7 am flight on Saturday 2nd June? The PESA timetable does not show June yet? Are the hours any earlier? like a 5 am bus – is that possible? Or can you recommend an alternative?
    Thank you

    1. If your flight is to early, you can take a private car here

  20. Markus Zimmermann says:

    We will arrive at Bilbao Airport on 9 July in the afternoon and then travel to San Sebastian.
    We have two kids (aged 2 and 4). Should we buy the bus tickets in advance (in case that the bus is sold out)? Or is this not a problem?
    Are taxis with seats for children available?
    Many thanks for your response.
    Kind regards

    1. You can buy the tickets there. Also, if you would like to take a taxi, is better to book it here and you will have your own taxi for you waiting in the airport.

  21. Hello!
    In January 2019 I want to travell from Bilbao Airport to San Sebatian. I can not find an timetabel for the next year in the internet.
    Maybe you already know how often a bus is going to San Sebastian?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you very much!
    Kind regards

  22. Hi,
    The online ticket does not give the price option for children. Do children pay full price?

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