Iñudes and Artzaiak

Iñudes and Artzaiak
Iñudes and Artzaiak

The “Iñudes and Artzaiak” festival is another typical San Sebastian celebration. It may have a less numerous audience than others like the Tamborrada but we can say it is equally traditional.

This festivity takes place the day after the Caldereros festival, and it is entirely carnival-themed. All participants dress up as shepherds, nursemaids, mayors and even as bishops.

Iñudes and Artzaiak
Iñudes and Artzaiak

The tradition of Iñudes and Artzaiak dates back to the 2nd of February in 1885 -Candelaria day-, the day when the carnival group paraded for the first time. In this parade, the members of the group parody some nursemaids that are courted by shepherds to the rhythm of the music composed by Raimundo Sarregui, composer of the songs played during the famous Donosti Tamborrada. All the paraders dance to these songs while carrying doll babies in their arms. Dressed-up local personalities parade along with them just like we have explained before.

San Sebastian’s most traditional carnival group is Kresala: it has taken part in this festival every year since 1977. They go all around the streets of the Old Town dancing to the sound of Sarriegui’s melodies, and shaking their doll babies to the rhythm of the peculiar choreography. Bishops, shepherds, old baby prams and even antique cars accompany the doll babies along the parade route.

Another typical carnival group in San Sebastian is the one organised by the Gros quarter. It has fewer members than Kresala from the Old Town but neighbours hold it in high regard.

Two weeks later, in the Amara and Antiguo neighbourhoods, two other groups parade. Ikasbide Elkartea provides the amusement in Amara, whereas Antiguotarrak Dantza Taldea does the same in Antiguo, the culmination of a party that gives way to the big celebration of Carnival.

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