Chutney Gastrobar, a mix of flavors from around the world

Chutney San Sebastian

San Sebastian, renowned for its gastronomy throughout Spain, is a paradise for lovers of good food and demanding palates. Among the many restaurants and pintxo bars that abound in the city, we find one more hidden and not so traditional as is the Chutney Gastrobar, a place that has managed to conquer locals and tourists alike with its exquisite culinary proposal.

Under the guidance of Ariz (English) and Alex (French), you will taste tasty dishes that are far from traditional Basque food but that will surprise you just the same.

In this article, we will explore what makes Chutney Gastrobar a must stop for those who wish to enjoy a different gastronomic experience than usual in San Sebastian.

A meeting of culinary cultures

Chutney Gastrobar stands out for its ability to skillfully combine different culinary influences in its menu. This establishment has managed to create a surprising fusion between different cuisines of the world, resulting in unique and delicious dishes.

The combination of ingredients and techniques from around the world produces flavors and textures that will delight even the most demanding palates.

What to eat at Chutney

The Chutney’s menu is not very extensive, but what you can expect is that everything they serve will be prepared with seasonal and quality ingredients.

They have a closed menu with regular dishes such as smoked sardines (a small pintxo that I recommend you try as a starter), hummus, millet salad, Spicy kofta burger, red lentil kurri, salmon with soy sauce….

If you visit the Chutney, in addition to their typical menu, I advise you to let them recommend you and let them tell you what is the dish of the day. Every day they have a different “dish of the day”, taking advantage of what Ariz has bought that morning at the market.

small but cozy environment

The Chutney is a small bar, not even a restaurant, so if you want to try it I strongly recommend you to make a reservation. As a general rule, if you go to the restaurant without a reservation, it is normal that you will not have room.

You will only find 4-5 tables plus the bar, where you can also eat while watching the dishes being prepared.

My opinion of Chutney Gastrobar

If you are a tourist visiting San Sebastian, it is normal that you are interested in tasting the traditional food of the city, recognized all over the world. Here you can find restaurants with Michelin stars, others without star but very recognized and countless pintxo bars where you can taste the exquisite Basque cuisine.

If once you have tried all this you want to get out of this type of food and try something different, or you are from Donosti and want to try new flavors, then I definitely recommend you to visit the Chutney.

Address: Pedro Egaña Kalea, 8, 20006
Telephone: 617 09 16 06

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