Zurriola beach

The Zurriola beach -formerly known as the Gros beach- is today one where you will usually find young people and Gros quarter locals. It used to be a crowded beach in the past, however, ever since its remodelling in the year 1994 it has become, if possible, an even more popular place in the city for young people to gather and practice sports, especially surf. The features of this beach make it perfect for practising this kind of sport and so it is little wonder that several major championships are organised here throughout the year.

Zurriola Beach is the surf beach

Zurriola beach
Zurriola beach

The beach also offers an area with a calmer atmosphere, just beside the left dike, where families with children may find themselves more at ease. On the right side of the beach, by the Ulía mount and the Sagües area, there are beach-volleyball courts around which the majority of surfers congregate. This is, in turn, the most dangerous part for swimming, as seawaves originate here and you are likely to be dragged in by the tide. Without any doubt, it is more advisable to go to either La Concha or Ondarreta beach in order to bathe carelessly. This is due to the fact that both mentioned beaches are inside the bay; nevertheless, if the sea is calm, it should not be a problem to swim in Zurriola either.

Zurriola beach is 800 metres long and 110 metres wide, so it will be easy for you to find a spot to lie in the sun. The total area of this beach is about 88.000 square metres.

At the beach you will be able to find all you need to have a nice stay, from lifeguards, showers and dressing rooms to a couple of bars where you can eat or have a drink.

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