Surfing in San Sebastian

Zurriola beach surf

San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, thanks largely to its 3 beaches. Of the three, the most popular with surfers is Zurriola, which is one of Spain’s top city surf beaches.

Surf tourism in San Sebastian has been increasing year on year, and gradually this beach has earned a reputation among surfing enthusiasts, who flock there every year purely to practice their sport of choice.

San Sebastian Surf
San Sebastian Surf

Zurriola beach has great waves for surfers of all levels. Along the length of this medium-sized beach you can catch different types of waves, breaking both to the right and the left.

On the beach itself, you’ll find several surf schools where you can sign up for a full course or simply hire a board.

The only problem with this beach is that it can become overcrowded. On the one hand, it’s popular with bathers in summertime, whilst on the other, crowds of surfers flock to the sea. The beach attracts all sorts of people, meaning that its usually very busy. Despite this, Zurriola remains an excellent surfing destination.

On Ondaretta Beach, by the wall of the tennis club, at the base of Monte Igueldo, there’s another small area which usually has good waves for surfing.

Zurriola beach surf

Finally, at the “Pico del Oro”, a rocky outcrop directly beneath the Miramar Palace, you can usually spot a few surfers catching the waves.

However, as we said earlier, Zurriola Beach is the place to go for anyone planning to surf in San Sebastian. There, you are sure to find the best waves in town.

Where to stay

If you want surfing in San Sebastian, the best acommodations are:

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