San Sebastian boutique hotels

San Sebastian has a large number of boutique hotels for couples to enjoy the city in all its splendor.
Boutique hotels in San Sebastian

Among the hotels in San Sebastian, we can find some traditional, belonging to large hotel chains or more intimate and familiar. Whatever your choice, the truth is that most hotels in the city are of high quality and many of them have been or are being renovated.

Within the smaller or unique accommodations, we find some that would fall into what we can call boutique hotels in San Sebastian or with something that makes them different from the others.

So, below I show you the ones we like the most to spend a weekend as a couple and enjoy both the city and the hotel.

Villa Soro Hotel

As you can see from its name, this hotel is built on a villa, an old house of the nineteenth century that has been restored and is considered historical heritage of the city. The accommodation is designed for you to spend some unforgettable days. As soon as you enter the villa you can see that it is a different and unique place, an oasis in the heart of the city. Its privileged location just 20 minutes walk from the old part of the city makes it an ideal place to visit San Sebastian and at the same time to rest in a unique and quiet place.

The hotel has everything you would expect from an establishment of this category: free wifi, free parking, fully equipped rooms and with works by Jorge Oteiza himself in many of them.

Places like the Zurriola beach or the Kursaal convention center are just a 15-minute walk away.

One Shot Tabakalera House Hotel

The One Shot Tabakalera House hotel is located in the Tabakalera International Center for Contemporary Culture. The building was completely remodeled a few years ago and is currently used for exhibitions and cultural activities.

Inside the building a space was saved to house this curious hotel where the old tobacco factory of San Sebastian used to be located.

The hotel has all kinds of amenities, free wifi and just 10 minutes walk from the city center and the Concha Beach or the Kursaal, for example.

Sansebay hotel

This hotel is one of the most modern in the city as it has been recently built in an old building in the old part of San Sebastian. It is located next to the port and from most of its rooms you have incredible views of the sea.

Its decoration is modern and very neat, and as we say, its location means that you can access all the tourist attractions of the city on foot and in a matter of minutes. The beach of La Concha or La Zurriola are just a few minutes away, the cathedral is 10 minutes away and the Boulevard and the old town are close to the hotel.

The Sansebay has one of the best scores in Booking.

Villa Favorita hotel

If you are looking for a boutique hotel, located in the heart of the city and also have the best views of the bay of La Concha, then this is definitely your hotel.

The Villa Favorita has been recently built in an old family villa (the last remaining on Zubieta street) becoming one of the best hotels in the city. It is a boutique hotel with only 23 rooms, each one of them spectacular.

If you are lucky enough to stay in one of the rooms facing the Paseo de la Concha, you will have the best views you can have of the whole city.

Arima & SPA hotel

Hotel Arima is a boutique Scandinavian-style hotel with an outdoor swimming pool. It is located in the Science and Technology Park, very close to the Basque Culinary Center.

Its location is a bit far from the city center, but it is a hotel designed for relaxation and to make use of its facilities. It has a complete SPA where you can enjoy its swimming pools or hire one of its massages. You can also do some of the activities offered, and is that the hotel is intended for personal wellness and health care of its guests.

Undoubtedly a hotel to enjoy and make the most of your stay in the city, both when you are sightseeing discovering the corners of Donosti and when you are in the hotel.

Arbaso hotel

The Arbaso Hotel is one of the newly built hotels in the center of San Sebastian. It has one of the best locations as it is next to the Buen Pastor Cathedral, in the heart of the city.

It is a design hotel, with spacious superior rooms and with all kinds of details. In addition, if you like to eat well, the hotel has the Narru restaurant, one of the most famous in the city and where you can enjoy the fantastic dishes of its chef Iñigo Peña.

If you are looking for a boutique hotel in the center of San Sebastian, this is undoubtedly one of your best options.

Iturregi hotel

It is a hotel with a special and singular charm. Unlike the Villasoro, which was located in the center of Donosti, this hotel is located in Getaria, about 20 minutes from San Sebastian. This, which a priori may seem somewhat annoying if you want to visit the center of the city, can be an advantage if you are going to spend a few days in the area and want to enjoy the surroundings of the capital of Gipuzkoa as well as San Sebastian itself. It is an ideal place to take as a starting point and visit places like Getaria, Zarauz or Zumaia.

The hotel is built in an idyllic location among vineyards and trees. It has magnificent views of the Basque coast and the Getaria lighthouse. It is a quiet place to rest and enjoy the whole area. The rooms are decorated in a modern and cozy way. It is undoubtedly a modern establishment that will satisfy all your expectations without any doubt. It is one of the best rated hotels in the specialized pages.

Okako hotel

It is a one-star boutique hotel located in the center of San Sebastian, specifically in the gros neighborhood. It is a small family and cozy accommodation in which both the rooms and the common areas are decorated with the utmost detail.

The hotel has 13 rooms, each decorated in a different and unique way, using both modern furniture and recycled and restored furniture.

They define themselves as “a hotel where comfort and attention are mixed with avant-garde and art”.

If you are looking for a boutique hotel, well located and at an interesting price, this is a good option.

Zinema 7 hotel

This hotel, much larger than the others, is something special and different from the rest of the hotels in San Sebastian.

It was built where in the past we could find some movie theaters with the same name. After demolishing the cinemas, the same companies decided to build a themed hotel that would continue to be linked to the world of cinema. Thus, today we have in this place an establishment that continues to maintain the theme of the seventh art and in which he wanted to print each of its rooms a unique and singular air, inspiring each of them to a great artist or film.

Unlike the other examples, the Zinema 7 (formerly Astoria 7) is a more conventional hotel but focused on the theme of cinema, which makes it a more emblematic and different establishment.

Maria Cristina hotel

For years, this hotel has been and continues to be the most emblematic establishment in the city, a 5 star hotel recognized worldwide that after its recent and complete remodeling has managed to adapt to the times. With a perfect location in the heart of the city, it is an ideal hotel to spend a few romantic days with your partner.

After the works, the hotel has managed to modernize but maintaining the classic and Belle Epoque spirit it had. The rooms have been decorated with gray colors and maintaining the elegance they have always had.

Its location next to the Victoria Eugenia theater or the Boulevard makes it ideal for enjoying the city on foot without having to travel by car or public transport.

These are just some of the alternatives that you can find boutique accommodations in San Sebastian, unique and different hotels where you can spend a romantic weekend during your visit to the capital of Gipuzkoa. There are many and varied accommodations, from hotels to hostels and even holiday apartments that are very good. It’s all about finding what you need at any given moment.

Why choose a boutique hotel?

Boutique hotels are ideal if you are traveling as a couple and want to enjoy a few special days in a unique accommodation, something different from a big hotel.

As a general rule, this type of hotels are built in small buildings or unique houses, with decorations that take care of every detail and where they try to take care of the guest in a personalized way.

In the last few years several of these Boutique hotels have been built in San Sebastian as there has been an unprecedented tourist boom. The construction of small hotels and lodgings in the center of the city has experienced a great growth and this has led to having to build them in small buildings in the center of the city.

As a general rule, this type of boutique hotels have a higher price than the rest, because as we said, they are about giving a different and unique experience to those who stay here, but if you can afford it, they will surely make your stay in the city something special.

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