Best things to do in San Sebastian

The capital of Guipúzcoa is a city to get lost in: one must wander through the streets of the Old Town, taste its best pintxos, stroll along the port or go round the Concha bay from Urgüll mount to Igueldo mount. Nevertheless, on this tour throughout the city, we can find many things to do in San Sebastian and you can’t miss.
Other than the beaches, churches and museums that we have talked about in other sections, we will show you some things which you cannot miss out on and must visit in Donosti.

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Constitution Square balconies

The Constitution Square (Plaza de la Constitución) is the nerve centre of the Old Town. This is the main square in the city, where big parties and celebrations take place….

Urgull mount

The Urgull Mount is the most significant historical heritage in the city. Located in the very centre of Donosti, it has yet to be discovered by many of its inhabitants,…

New Promenade

The San Sebastian New Promenade (or Paseo Nuevo) is a wonderful promenade which surrounds Urgull mount in its entirety. With the Aquarium as starting point, it goes all around the…

Old Town

If there is a place where tourists and locals alike come together, that is the Old Town. Walking around the Old Town is an activity that every single visitor in…