Where to park in San Sebastian

San Sebastian Car parks
Parkings San Sebastian

If you’re visiting San Sebastian by car, the best way to get around the city is to leave it in one of the city’s many car parks, or at your hotel if it has parking facilities.

It’s not worth driving in San Sebastian, as you can get around easily on foot or using the cheap and efficient public transport system.

If your hotel is in the city centre, the best places to park are:

  • Parking de la Concha: Close to the beach of the same name.
  • Parking Boulevard: Near the city’s Parte Vieja (Old Town.)
  • Parking Okendo: Close to Hotel María Cristina
  • Parking San San Martín: Beneath San Martín Shopping Centre

If you choose to park your car in the street, bear in mind that San Sebastian operates a pay and display system. There are machines in every street where you can buy a parking ticket to display in your car. The maximum time you are allowed to park varies according to area, but in the city centre it is usually 2 hours. Once this time is up, you have to buy another ticket or move your car. We therefore recommend leaving it in a car park where you can ‘forget’ about it for the day.

Parking San Sebastian
Parkings San Sebastian
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